Commercial Pressure Washing

Commercial-pressure-washingAt APW, with commercial pressure washing, we are helping stores or business locations with that first impression. To do this we offer pressure cleaning of  your store front, restaurants, strip malls, banks, bank drive thru’s,  and much more.  We understand that business owners sometimes forget about that first impression due to there concentration on increasing sales, and letting the appearance of there business get dirty or dingy.

Commercial pressure washing


APW will help with this concern by offering annual, bi-annual, monthly or bi-monthly services depending on what your commercial pressure washing needs are. First impressions can help bring in customers or possibly have them making an opinion before they ever make it through the front door.  We use pressure  washing to clean the sidewalks which tend to get discolored due to foot traffic. They can also get  those gum droppings on them also.  Depending on where the location of the dumpster pad, it also can be seen by the customers or potential customers, even if it is enclosed, sometimes the rust stains may come through the enclosure making it stand out even worse than if it was not there at all.  Parking spaces sometimes also build up with oil spots from  customers cars and trucks, most of the times being tracked onto the sidewalk and even making it into the store. Gas stations islands can also get oil,  gas and diesel stains on them presenting a slip fall condition that no owner wants to have.

With our commercial pressure washing detergent’s and surface cleaning equipment which includes two hundred fifty degree hot water we are able to treat those stains, remove the gum and even take care of the rust stains from the dumpster pad to the store front sidewalk rust stains. We also provide treatment for the hard well water, fertilizer stains and even battery acid stains . We us low pressure cleaning for your awning and even your street signs. Lamp post bases are sometimes made of concrete which often times also get overlooked. APW wants to help give that new look to your complete structure. Graffiti is also something that can be taken care of for you also.

Commercial Pressure Washing brick

Custom Brick

APW  respects the decision to do their own cleaning in house, but are aware that having an employee trying to do the work can be time consuming and will not produce the results that APW can achieve . We also understand that this may run into possible overtime for that employee as well as interfere with the customers ease of access to the business.  Let APW look and talk with you as to your commercial pressure washing needs and set up times so that the customer relation to your business is not interfered. Let us help you keep that professional image and make that first impression to your customers a great one.

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