SANY0072Advantis Pressure Washing is a family owned and operated pressure washing business. We provide many services which your company and  the home owner will find very beneficial. At APW we use professional equipment which allows us to get the best quality results for the consumer. We are able to get up to 4000 psi water pressure when needed and lower it to less that a garden hose pressure to insure your work is done without damage to your property. We are also able to heat the water to 250  degrees which allows for the ease of gum removal and oil concerns.  We also use quality professional detergents  that are environmentally  safe allowing us to get the best results while keeping plant and animal life safe from any harm.

All o f the equipment and detergents under go a rigorous testing at our own test site where we are able to determine if the detergent is  safe, and does work without doing any damage. This also allows us to test different mixes of the detergents so we are able to do the job correctly and in a timely manner. By doing this testing  we are 100 percent sure of which and how much  detergent we need  for which job but also for your protection with the best results.

APW is a pressure washer that specializes in concrete cleaning. We are able to help you with that black looking driveway to help prevent slips and falls. APW can also help with those ugly rust, fertilizer and battery acid stains with our rust treatment detergent. This treatment works on pool decks, patio pavers and pavers in your driveway. This along with the heated water will also give business owners to make that first impression a memorable one.  Over time a business owner may forget about how their store front looks due to the consecration of increased wondering why the guy down the street has so much more business.  A pressure washer can provide a clean entry way along with a professional clean store front and  all that is needed, along with gum removal.

Pressuire Washer

Approved Member Mobile Contract Cleaners

APW is a member of United Association of  Mobile Contract Cleaners, which allows us to keep up with our continuing education in this profession  and also allows the consumer a way to get educated about this profession. It also allows us to see new products that are coming to the market place to make our profession even better along with meeting other contractors from around the nation.

APW is fully insured and licensed so you can be assured that we are here today and for years to come.  Please call/ text or email us so we can meet and discuss your cleaning needs.

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