Pressure Washing Services

APW  services include

House Washing


Pressure washing services where we use detergents to clean your home, along with the correct method of pressurewashing or low pressure washing depending on the construction of your home.

Roof Washing

Pressure washing services where we use low pressure washing also referred to soft washing. We use detergents that are safe for the environment and your roofing material as well as taking care of your plant life by thoroughly rinsing of your plants, shrubs and grass including covering the plants if needed and the plants are able to be covered.

Pool Deck Cleaning

APW offers pressure washing services cleaning of your pool deck to insure safety along with looks. We clean all types of decks from pavers, cool deck, painted decks natural stone decks, even rubberized decks. We do this with a surface cleaner and a wand to insure that all areas are cleaned.  Some of the debri will get into the pool but we do not leave your pool in a mess or leave it up to your pool cleaner. We do carry the tools to vacuum your pool, brush your pool  and even skim your pool so you can enjoy your new back yard and pool right after we leave.

Pool Enclosures or Pool Cages

APW will first treat your enclosure and screens to kill the growth that is detouring the beauty of it. We again  do every thing to protect the plant life around your enclosure and inside of it. We move the furniture out of the enclosure and bring it back in so that a thoroughly cleaning can be preformed.

Drive Ways, Side Walks

This is where APW can clean those black mold infested areas of your home. We use a surface cleaner in this process to get an even and throu cleaning of these areas. We also have the ability to heat our water to aid in this process along with removing those pieces of gum. We are also  able to treat those rust, battery acid and fertilizer stains along with brightening your cement. If there is oil on the drive theses spots can also be treated.

Fencing, Sound Walls

This is done with safe pressure washing services that are eco friendly detergents that will not harm the vegetation around them while bring that fence line back to it original beauty.

Brick or Block Planter Boxes, Retaining Walls

This can help the plant life inside the structure while bringing back the beauty of what is inside of it. Landscape  will stand out even more with a clean structure that holds in the plant life.

Commercial Store Fronts, and Side Walks

This is done with a few different processes of pressure washing services from soft washing of your awning to high pressure heated water on your side walks.

Dumpster Pads

These are done with high pressure cleaning and heat along with degreasing detergents. Pressure washing these areas is done to help the area look its best. When needed we can also treat the rust stains that those metal container’s leave on your cement pads.

APW offers these services to help the home owner and the business person. We offer a one time cleaning to a bi-annual cleaning. For our commercial accounts we have the same along with monthly, bi monthly and even weekly serves available depending on there cleaning needs.

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